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Who are we

Who are we

Based in Beirut, Lebanon, with a regional outlook, the Forum for Development, Culture and Dialogue (FDCD) offers workshops, conferences, and dialogue sessions to enable society to approach conflicts in a non-violent way.

Founded in 2004, FDCD represents the collective vision, mission and history of the Urban Rural Mission program’s work in the MENA region. As such, the program looks back over 20 years of history of community organizing, leadership, training, spiritual reflection and response to marginalization and dehumanization.


Our vision is to reach an enlightened Arab World, where political views, ethnicities and religions are incorporated into a richly diverse culture of peace and dialogue, respecting and promoting the human rights of all citizens.


We promote peace building, equal citizenship, and human rights in the Arab World by creating common spaces for dialogue and building the capacity of community and civil society groups to be catalysts for peace.


We respect the dignity of every human being, value the diversity of cultures in the region, encourage dialogue and understanding as a means of resolving conflict, and perceive justice as the long term foundation for peace.


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