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Peacebuilding and Conflict Resolution

LBI: Lebanon a Better Image

Lebanon   2014-10-17

Drawing the path to a better image for Lebanon..

Lebanon has long suffered from infamous terrorism, civil war, political instability, and religious sectarianism. Despite this history and current threats, it is currently relatively safe inside the country. FDCD is taking advantage of this tentative security to help build lasting peace with “Lebanon, a Better Image”. Phonetically “albee”, meaning “my heart” in Arabic, LBI is a holistic project offering forums for participants to share visions of how Lebanese society should evolve to encourage peaceful cooperation.

LBI builds on previous FDCD peace programs by involving past participants-young female and male leaders representing different career fields, political parties, religions and regions. LBI activities consist of workshops and multimedia productions. The first workshop took place October 17th to 19th in Broumana, Lebanon. Speakers trained 29 attendees on how to start their own capacity building initiatives to promote peace.

Another LBI activity focuses on 17 and 18-year-old Christian and Muslim residents of Jezzine, an infamously war-torn area of south-central Lebanon. In November, FDCD hosted 12 of these youth for a day of hiking and peacebuilding. Additionally, a peace song was produced to spread the message of peace among other young adults. Also, an IPhone and Android app, Apeace, is also being developed to reach out to young people. The app will be used as a platform to discuss and promote peace.


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