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Peacebuilding and Conflict Resolution

Peace Couples 2017

Lebanon   2017-08-11

After its initial success, ‘Peace Couples’ is back for the 2nd year. This year, FDCD has joined hands with ‘The Center for Mediation’ at the USJ and launched this year’s workshop under the banner of “The Role of Mediation in the Peaceful Resolution of Disputes” in the USJ campus in Sidon. The course is divided into five training sessions with a focus on mediation among family members to resolve disputes.

The first training session took place on Friday, July 14, under the title of “Principle of Mediation”. After the introduction of the 20 participants and their expectations, Mrs. Lamia Hitti, Trainer in Center for Mediation took the floor. Ms. Hitti addressed the principles of mediation and stressed the importance of the mediator's neutrality, credibility and respect for privacy. Finally, the trainer concluded by introducing the stages of mediation.

The second session took place on the 21st of August, and focused on the role of the mediator, as well as the qualities the mediator should possess.

The third session was organized on the 28th of August, and gave insight on the tools and techniques of mediation with Ms. Layla Rizk from Université Saint Joseph's "Centre Professionel de Médiation". 

The fourth and fifth sessions were mediation practice sessions. The participants applied real-life scenarios where mediation was practiced between two conflicting parties. The participants role-played as both conflicting parties and mediators, guided by Ms. Lamia Hitty and Ms. Layla Rizk. The practice sessions were highly interactive and highlighted how delicate the mediation process is.


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