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Citizenship and Human Rights

ESCAP: The Training Workshop

Syria   2016-04-07

Empowering Syrian Civil Society Actors...

FDCD launched his “Empowering Syrian Civil Society Actors” project during a training workshop for 31 young participants (between 25 and 35 years old) in Broumana, Lebanon between the 7th and the 10th of April 206.

Several topics were raised during the training sessions, such as: defining active Citizenship, identity and belonging, public/private sphere, human rights (focus on children’s rights), dealing with difference / breaking stereotypes, understanding conflict and violence, conflict resolution skills, nonviolent concepts, participation, and tools and methods to conduct local initiatives.

The acquired knowledge and skills were provided step by step, in order to help participants do their deduction and learn by doing. During the sessions, each topic had been addressed in an interactive way combining practical exercises with theory. The training used many interactive modes, such as case studies, group work, communicating exercises, simulation and role plays, PPT presentation and open discussions.  

Four days of commitment, cooperation and a desire to progress, generated the following direct outputs:

-          An increased awareness on values and concepts relevant to active citizenship

-          A better understanding of the positive aspect of difference and diversity and their implications

-          A better understanding of concepts related to conflicts, violence and peace building

-          A better understanding of different behaviors in conflict and violence situations

-          Improved skills in problem solving and negotiation techniques

-          Empowered participants ready to plan initiatives in their respective organizations and societies.

Some personal impressions after the workshop:

“I couldn’t believe that it was possible for me to interact with people from another region” - Youssef

“I realized the responsibility… if I do nothing, it will mean I Am nothing” – Mays

I am optimistic, there is a good level of awareness in our society which we should invest and we can make a qualitative leap regardless of when the crisis ends” - Nour


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