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Peacebuilding and Conflict Resolution

Syrian Leaders for Peacebuilding and Reconciliation

Syria   2016-10-09

Syrian Leaders for Peace building and Reconciliation is the continuation of FDCD’s work to foster a network of religious and civil society leaders in Syria. The program began in 2014 with a conference for Syrian religious leaders held in Copenhagen, Denmark. This conference resulted in the development of a common ethical codex for religious actors in Syria, which called for religious leaders to work against the misuse of the religious platform (the instigation of hate) and for the promotion of peaceful coexistence between religions.

This initial conference was followed by small-scale thematic workshops and local initiatives in Syria including civil society as well as religious actors and focused on interfaith dialogue, women and youth empowerment, as well as active citizenship. Given the success of these initial efforts and in recognition of the growing need for additional efforts, FDCD deems it necessary for this network of leaders to continue to expand, in order to amplify and strengthen the Syrian voice for civil peace, reconciliation and trust building. 

This project has demonstrated success through the empowerment of local communities and leaders, which creates an ownership of the solution impossible to achieve except through internal actors who become themselves the catalysts of change. To present, this project has found the common ground necessary for the preservation of Syria’s historic cohesion enriched by its diversity

This project aims at strengthening social cohesion in Syria at the grassroots level through the development and expansion of a network of civil society and religious leaders who share the vision that while there will always be differences, there is not always division, and that diversity should be positively nurtured to become a tool for social cohesion, peace, human rights, and human security.


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